Ping Pongs and Tigers Blog

Ping Pong Stats and info:

Female, Age- 7-8 hooman years, Height- 36cm, Length- 56cm, Width- Failed to answer, Weight- Never you mind, Likes- Food, Dislikes- People, other cats (Tiger included) and people, Job title- Chief Mouser, Chief In front of heater sitter, Shop Security and retail manager, Aspirations: To one day be a Snow Leopard

Tiger Stats and Info: RIP Tiger, you were the bestest boy and you have left a hole in our hearts. 

Male, Age- 2-4 slave (Human) years, height- to lazy to measure, Width- Fat, Weight 8.7kgs, Likes- Being a cat, sleeping eating, Dislikes- Most things, Job title- Master of Snooze.